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Ontworpen door Serif


Welcome to our new website


It all started for us back in the days of the Speccy and the C64. Despite the fact we both grew up playing rival systems we now live happily together and the only real argument we have is who gets the TV for the night to play games!


My first game ever (Steph, growing up in Scotland) was “Horace goes Skiing” for the ZX Spectrum 48k with rubber keys of course. I’ll never forget the first time I hooked it up and waited for the game to load. Of course back then we had the patience to wait for a tape to load, something I couldn’t imagine these days............


After that I moved on to a C64 borrowed from a friend and played games like ghosts and goblins and uridium to death. This was followed by my first console, a Sega mega drive, I never had the money to get a console back in the early days, a school friend had an atari 2600 and I thought it was great, “Cosmic ark” is still one of my favourite games to this day.....


Anke on the other hand grew up with the C64 with it’s extensive library of games, there was a videopac in the family for a while but she doesn’t really remember it. Anke also played something I didn’t experience at all in the early days (I was always a console man and still am!) and that was the PC, in particular point and clicks/adventures such as sam and max, broken sword, day of the tentacle, Commander keen, leisure suit larry etc.....


When I moved to Holland in 2000 I brought my Sega Saturn and N64, a dreamcast was bought soon after my arrival in Holland and Anke started to get to grips with playing games with a controller instead of keyboard/mouse.


To cut a long story very short we started collecting seriously around 2001 after seeing some old consoles on flea markets and for me I guess it became a welcome diversion to other things happening at the time.


Anyway, we hope you enjoy looking around the site and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.


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